Blockchain Innovation Week

This week will be a special one.

In the week of the first pizza bought with Bitcoin we organize two full days on which experts share the newest developments and insights in blockchain technologies.

Come and learn about the newest blockchain tech, business cases, using a hardware wallet and examples of blockchain apps running in real life.

Blockchain Innovation Week will be held on the 22th until the 25th May, the first edition presents international and local speakers that focus on blockchain technologies. Blockchain Innovation Week connects people to both tech as real life examples, making it easy to start and to understand while offering a sneak peek into future. The event will be held in The Hague Tech, the new tech-hub and co-working space where talent, startups, scale-ups, knowledge institutes and the government connect and scale up tech solutions.

During Blockchain Innovation Week visitors can visit startups, developers and larger companies with innovative projects, with a.o. the new challenging blockchain platform Rchain which will demonstrate smart contracts and programming in Rholang. Speakers from Rabobank, BitmyMoney and CryptoPepes present their projects, with themes as token economics, impact to unlock capital and blockchain-based games. Next, interactive ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) sessions allow to ask all the questions you have for our blockchain experts. The program will be held in English. Blockchain Innovation Week takes place in the same week as Bitcoin Pizza Day, the day a developer bought two pizzas for 10.000 Bitcoin.

Blockchain, more than a technology.

The rise of blockchain technology, the system invented by Bitcoin, is taking place in a high pace. Blockchain offers possibilities for a peer-to-peer system that allows exchange of data without the presence of a middleman. Blockbar, the organisator of the event, aims to enhance a dialogue on blockchain technology with a broader public.

Blockchain is more than a technology, it forms the basis of a new societal and economic infrastructure. It will provide the fundamental and essential trust systems for value, for robots and for governments. That's why we should all join the discussion and get involved now. It is about our shared future Bart Maarseveen co-organizer of Blockbar

About Blockbar, Open Blockchain Lab The Hague

Blockbar is an ecosystem where early-tech adopters, developers, industry experts and blockchain enthusiasts connect.

We provide a lab where you can develop your ideas on blockchain technology in collaboration with others.

Do you work on a blockchain or distributed project? You are welcome at the blockchain lab in The Hague Tech.

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